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1010 Vape Battery: Knowing The Other Parts That Make- Up Vaping Mods

<strong>1010 Vape Battery: Knowing The Other Parts That Make- Up Vaping Mods</strong>

Vape mods differ from smaller e-cigarettes because they have multiple parts that can be swapped in and out depending on the user’s needs and wants. Understanding the different parts of a vape mod is important because it lets you make a vape that fits your needs and wants. Let’s quickly review the basic parts, including the 1010 vape battery, to help you understand how they work.

The Most Important Parts of a Vape

Most of the time, the word “vape” or “vape mod” refers to all the following parts that are combined to make one complex unit. Most of these parts are easy to replace if something breaks or you decide to try something different when you vape.

The Mod or Device

Vape mods are where most people start when they want to build their vape from scratch. These devices are mostly self-contained and come with atomizers and tanks that you can remove and replace as you like.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is one of the most important parts of a 1010-cartridge vape. It is the part that can handle high temperatures that turns the liquid into vapor. Depending on which one you choose, your atomizer may be a separate part or be built into the tank. Some popular atomizers have less than 0.5 ohms coils and are called “sub-ohm tanks.” These tanks make big vapor clouds, so cloud chasers and tricksters like to use them.


The e-liquid is kept in the tank. The tank is usually called the cartridge when you use a one-time-use device. Most of the time, vape tanks are the thing a consumer will purchase or replace. This is because features like adjustable airflow can change the vaping experience in a big way.

The Battery

The 1010 vape battery makes the vape work, so this is not a surprise. Most vapes work best with lithium-ion batteries because they can be recharged, but there are other options. The goal is usually to give the device enough power without taking up too much room or making it too heavy. Power of any kind, including batteries, can be dangerous, so consider battery safety.

The Coils

Vape coils are a part of the atomizer, sometimes called the “atomizer head.” When you press the vape button, the coil will start to get power and heat up. This will make the liquid in the atomizer’s wicking material vaporize. Even if you’re not making your vape more high-tech, you’ll still need to change the coils every so often.

The E-Liquid

Even though your vape juice is not technically a part of your vaping device, it is still important. There would be no vapor without it! E-liquid is put into the tank, which heats it and turns it into a vapor. E-liquid comes in many different types and flavors, such as fruity, minty, and traditional tobacco.

The Wicks

The wick or wicking material draws the e-liquid into the coil so it can be heated and vaporized. These can be made of wool, cotton, rayon, mesh, or even ceramics. You will need to learn how to wick your coil so that your vape always hits perfectly.

Personalize Or Not To Personalize?

Looking at the list above, you might wonder if it’s worth building your 1010-cartridge vape mod. Even though it’s fine to buy a pre-built unit or even smoke a disposable e-cig now and then, most people find that building their vape mod is a better experience. If you want to get into cloud chasing,  impressive clouds of vapor, you will need to build your equipment and play around with it a bit.


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