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BriteGums: the GUMS Procedure That Can Turn Your Teeth Into Diamonds

BriteGums: the GUMS Procedure That Can Turn Your Teeth Into Diamonds
Gums Procedure

The Gums Procedure was originally designed to reduce teeth sensitivity and relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. The unique treatment option actually creates sparkling tooth surfaces with a lifespan of up to 2 times that of a natural tooth.

What is the GUMS Procedure?

The GUMS Procedure is a popular way to turn your teeth into diamonds. The procedure involves the use of a numbing agent, an abrasive material, and a light. The numbing agent helps to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with the procedure. The abrasive material removes the surface layer of your teeth, exposing the dentin beneath. The light then polishes away any discoloration or imperfections on the dentin surface.

The results of the GUMS Procedure are often very noticeable and can be particularly attractive if done in conjunction with other dental work, such as whitening treatments or veneers. Some people choose to have their GUMS Procedure performed more than once, in order to achieve even better results.

How Does the GUMS Procedure Work?

The GUMS procedure is a dental restoration procedure that can turn your teeth into diamonds. It uses lasers to remove the top layer of tooth enamel, which leaves the softer dentin exposed. The laser then vaporizes the dentin and creates diamond-like formations. The entire process typically takes just a few minutes and results in beautiful, sparkling teeth.

There are several benefits to undergoing the GUMS procedure. First and foremost, it is one of the most durable restoration procedures available. This is because the laser destroys only the outermost layer of dentin – meaning that even if there are future problems with your teeth (such as decay or gum disease), the GUMS procedure will still be able to restore them to their original condition. Additionally, due to its diamond-like effect, GUMS can give your teeth a more striking appearance than traditional restoration options like veneers or crowns.

If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting new restoration option, please don’t hesitate to contact our office for a consultation. We would be happy to discuss all of your options with you and answer any questions you may have!

Gums Procedure

What are the Benefits of a GUMS procedure?

A gum recession treatment, also known as a Gumulectomy and Upper Molar Surgery (GUM), is a surgical procedure that removes excess gum tissue from the teeth. The procedure can help improve the appearance of your smile by restoring lost tooth space and reducing the amount of visible gumline.

The benefits of a GUM procedure can include:

1) Improved aesthetics. Gum recession can restore lost tooth space, which can help reduce the amount of visible gumline. This can improve the overall look of your smile, making you more attractive to others.

2) Improved oral health. Removal of excess gum tissue can help reduce the risk of dental plaque and bad breath. It can also prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Gums Procedure

3) Reduced pain and inflammation. Gum recession is typically very painless, which makes it an excellent option for people who suffer from chronic dental pain or inflammation.

4) Reduced costs. A GUM procedure is usually less expensive than traditional dental procedures such as fillings or crowns. This is because it doesn’t require any additional repairs or replacements down the line.

When Can I Expect to See results from a GUMS?

There is no one answer to this question as different patients will see different results from the GUMS procedure. However, most patients typically see noticeable improvements in their dental appearance after a few months. Some patients may notice more dramatic changes after a few months, and others may not see any visible changes for several months or even years. Regardless of how long it takes for patients to experience visible dental improvement, the GUMS procedure is an effective way to restore teeth to their natural color and texture.

What are My Options for Getting Started with a GUMS at my Dentist’s Office?

If you are interested in getting a GUMS procedure done at your dentist’s office, here are some of your options:

  1. BriteGums: This is the most common type of GUMS procedure and it uses a laser to remove small amounts of tooth enamel. The advantage of this procedure is that it is relatively painless and can be done quickly. There are a few disadvantages to BriteGums, however. First, it doesn’t always result in the most beautiful teeth because the enamel is removed in smaller pieces than with other procedures. Second, it may not be as effective at restoring tooth color because less enamel is removed. Finally, this procedure may only be available at certain dental offices.
  2. In-Office Crowns: If you want more dramatic results than BriteGums can provide but don’t want to go through the additional hassle or surgery of getting a crown fitted, In-Office Crowns might be the option for you. This involves having a custom-made crown fabricated right at your dentist’s office and then fitting it onto your tooth. This is a more expensive option than BriteGums, but it can give you longer-lasting results and greater cosmetic flexibility.
  3. Dental Implants: Another popular option for restoring teeth’ color and improving their aesthetics is dental implants. These artificial teeth consist of metal rods that are implanted into the jawbone near your teeth (or even directly into your gum). Over time


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