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Choosing Your CCTV

Choosing Your CCTV

If you choose CCTV, it’s probably because of the many different security benefits it gives you, or the extra security it provides for you and your employees. This is a big decision that will have a big impact on your business in more ways than you might initially think, and it’s a big decision, but there’s more to choosing video surveillance, it’s more than just deciding whether to it want.

Then you have to decide what type of video surveillance you want for your building and this has a big impact on the efficiency of the installation. The choice here is mainly between analog or digital video surveillance and each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Which type you choose will likely depend on both your personal preference and the exact needs of your particular business and facility. Here we will see how each is different.


Analog Serious Security CCTV is essentially CCTV using VHS. This means that the footage is streamed to the TV and recorded from there because it uses a traditional VCR. This means that you can only have one recording channel at a time (as is the case when using regular VHS). This means that you can only record from one camera at a time. For small rooms, this is good because a well-placed camera in the corner of the room covers the entire area. However, if you want to capture many different angles and areas, you need to program a specific pattern in your CCTV where the image moves between different cameras. This could mean missing out on something important if the video is on the wrong channel at the wrong time.
Another disadvantage of analog CCTV Sydney  is that you have to shred or store hundreds of VHS tapes, which takes up a lot of space. Of course you have limited


Digital  Serious Security CCTV Sydney is essentially the equivalent of a digital camera placed in your office or building. This in turn has all the advantages that digital usually has over analog, namely better frame rate and resolution, and the ability to change these settings to reduce file size. You can record multiple tracks at once, allowing you to watch different parts of your building at the same time. At the same time, you can store files digitally, meaning you can compress, email, broadcast and more so you don’t have to worry about storage space. However, the disadvantages are that digital systems can sometimes crash or break and they are more expensive. This makes digital CCTV the obvious choice for large businesses and businesses that take their security seriously, but for those concerned about technology and software that could go wrong, or those on a budget who have smaller buildings, it’s Analog might be more suitable.


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