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Craft Beer vs Commercial Beer: Which Should You Buy?

Craft Beer vs Commercial Beer: Which Should You Buy?

You must have come across the term “craft” and “commercial” sometimes or another when talking about beer. The question is, which is better in terms of suitability, quality, and other criteria? But before that, you must first understand what the two terms stand for. Craft beer generally refers to a beer brewed by a small-scale independent brewery that yields only a small output each year. On the other hand, commercial beer is made on a huge scale, with cost-effectiveness and efficiency occupying the front seat.

There are 4 essential considerations in the craft beer vs commercial beer argument. 

  1. Appearance 

The first perceptible difference between craft beer and commercial beer is the look. In general, beers produced for wholesale, i.e., commercial beer, tend to be comparable appearance-wise — generally a yellow or brown colour. On the other hand, craft brews come in a range of shades, from misty golds to rich coppers to dark, nearly black browns. If someone placed two different craft draughts in front of you, telling them apart would be a piece of cake.

  1. Flavour

Commercial beer hues are reportedly known to be of similar taste, unlike craft beer, which tends to tickle your tastebuds with whiffs of chocolate and sweet caramel, flowery hops and fruity notes, rich coffee undercurrents—it’s an unending variety of savour nuances. And you will seldom find two brews with a similar taste. Each brew, each set, and each brand is distinct. When it comes to craft beer vs commercial beer taste trials, craft beer is way better, so you should always look forward to buying craft beer.

  1. Production 

The discrepancies in flavour and appearance of craft beer and commercial beer primarily come down to production. Regular beers are normally made with classic ingredients and processes. While craft brewers put detailed thought into the components they use, hand-selecting the most suitable of the best to secure their distinguishing flavour signs. Craft brewers also tend to brew their beer in fewer batches, putting more time and effort into the authentic process.

  1. Personal experience

The cherry on top of all craft beers is the personal experience. While some may prefer crafted beer, others may prefer commercial beer, which completely depends on the individual concerned. So whether you want to buy craft beer or commercial beer depends entirely on your preferences.

Now the question is, which is better: crafted beer or commercial beer?

In recent years, craft beer has flourished quickly and become a widespread drink in several countries across the globe. Unlike other alcoholic beverages that experienced an intense fall in sales, craft beer is still relishing a boom among millennial beer drinkers.

This rise in favour of crafted beer can be exemplified by various factors as below:

● The stimulating and tempting flavours differentiate it from commercial alcoholic beverages, making it a much-liked choice for several customers. More and more customers are taking an eager interest in the extraordinary flavours of craft beer.

● Prompt distribution: With craft beer, there is a quick period of time for distribution. It generally takes a couple of days between the time the beer is hauled from the brewery to the distributor and finally to the bar.

● Appropriateness for large crowds: craft beer normally comes in 50, 20, and 5-litre sizes, which means this kind of beer can serve the needs of a bunch of people and for home consumption.


Now that you’ve read about both craft beer and commercial beer, you’ll have a better understanding of both, and you should definitely buy Australian beer if you want to buy it. Craft beer is all the craze among cosmopolitan people who desire inventive and urbane flavours.


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