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Do I have music in me and you?

Do I have music in me and you?

Hey, does that name remind you of a song? If you listen to a lot of pop or rock and roll music, you might remember the 1970s song “I got the music in me” by the Kiki D Band.

Music has a great influence on us, so we don’t notice it. It is everywhere; In televisions, watches, mobile phones, cars, elevators and shops. We worship it and practice it. Now there are only places where it is in the background. And where do we watch concerts, clubs and music education? We seem to have an inner urge to keep him around. It is very important for us that we use it for our most important rituals such as; Weddings, funerals and graduations. The couple also has their “own” song. The music is so ingrained that after just a few bars we know exactly what the event is about.

It is so powerful that listening to a certain song can remind

you of a phase or event in your life. Have you ever had a song on the radio that makes you remember how old you were, when it was popular, what you were doing that day, or what you were going through? I’m serious! It’s powerful. Or have you ever experienced a song in your head that you like or dislike? Really annoying.

Music is so powerful that it can have a mood-altering effect. There were many times when I was in a bad mood and turned on music on a whim. Little by little the music gets louder. I finally sing something. And then it happens… I start singing out loud. As soon as I turned off the light there, I realized that it was a little noisy and someone might think I was a little crazy to turn it off, but it didn’t last long. What started as a sad feeling is now hopeful. Does this happen to you?

Yes, music has the power to calm the beast.

 It helps to balance the many linguistic and logical tasks we do during the day. It represents a refreshing transition to another field and offers the opportunity to open new perspectives on life. Unfortunately you didn’t think of it that way?

Have you ever heard the saying “He has a musical ear”? Well, Mozart stands out in this regard. When he was a child, he was fascinated by when he heard it in the Sistine Chapel. However, the Vatican ruled that it should not be played or copied outside the chapel. What did he do? He is very friendly and accommodating and he is very friendly and accommodating there are many reasons why you should not be afraid of going to the gym there are many reasons why you should not be afraid of going to the gym there are many reasons why you should not be. You’re afraid of going to the gym there are many reasons why you shouldn’t go to the gym there are many reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of going to the gym there are many reasons why you shouldn’t go to the gym the whole thing is a healthy thing. Often, music lovers hear music in their head. In fact, an important characteristic of a musical genius is hearing the notes in his mind.

Since music represents the right hemisphere of the brain,

 it stimulates the creative process. So if you are stuck solving a problem or finding a solution, listening to music, playing or singing can help you. We all have music inside us and learn to bring it out in some way. Basically, music can be a booster when you need a creative boost in your life, like when you’re struggling to learn or stressed at work. Hmm. Maybe this is how some companies always have music playing in the background.

Don’t stop thinking that you’re not good at music because you can’t sing or play an instrument. This can also be seen from knowing the words or the name of the song. You don’t have to be a musician, 풀싸롱 or instrument to appreciate music. Unfortunately, the music itself is given too little emphasis in the form of drama or entertainment.

  • You have a beautiful singing voice
  • You’ll know if the music isn’t right.
  • You listen to music often.
  • You think you have music in your life


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