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Eaton DM1 Game changing Compact System Management

Eaton DM1 Game changing Compact System Management

Eaton has long been known for the high quality and reliable performance of their variable frequency drive line. However, when the PowerXL DM1 arrived, it reset the market with the power of a big VFD and the footprint of a compact competitor. By combining the benefits of both, Eaton changed the rules in the standard universal drive market, giving folks the best of both worlds in one package, and with a VFD that could easily be matched to multiple systems without any proprietary setup required.

Eaton DM1s are being used in multiple applications already, including heavy duty conventional motors as well as variable powered systems. Industrial users have a choice between single phase or, alternatively, triple-phase options, and the DM1 can handle a power throughput as high as 22 kW. And there’s no need to be calculating additional costs for protocols. The Eaton DM1 is packaged in standard mode with an extensive menu of communication choices already included.

The latest DM1 comes IE-4 compatible and is one of the easiest VFDs on the market to self-install. It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility as well as full integration with web servers through it own onboard server. The motherbus and boards are extremely robust, built with a solid firewall against upstream load spikes as well as connection compatibility with TCP, MS/TP and Ethernet IP. Physically, the unit is able to operate just fine and keep in ticking up to 50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, and it can handle an overload up to 200% for as long as two seconds and 150% for up a minute. Finally, convenience is added with both sensor less vector management, V/f direction and PM management.

However, the big attraction of the DM1 tends to be its physical size. The unit is just darn compact, fitting nicely in cavities with only 200mm. Combined with the above features, the DM1 is literally moved to the head of the pack for folks who want a small footprint VFD with an 8-cylinder under the hood.

Given the need for automated control on plants with numerous points spread out and a shortage of manpower for direct control, the Eaton DM1 is ideal for singular remote control. There’s no need for a heavy learning curve; the DM1 comes with very intuitive controls, no fancy or extensive coding to direct it, and easy Internet hookup. The DM1 Pro comes with additional features that include as standard all the above, plus an optional keyboard, storage cards, server integration, multiple motor type controls and a multi-feature display.

The simple fact is, industrial needs are growing exponentially, bringing far more equipment online that needs management. Add in the fact that automation is far more advanced, accurate, and can operate 24/7, it only makes sense that VFDs like the DM1 are being used as standard system controls over machinery versus using human monitoring that can only work part of the day. The Eaton DM1 allows factories and industrial centers to free up their staff from monotonous monitoring management, putting skilled people to work on far more valuable tasks than controlling the power flow on a machine unit all day long.

And given the consistent high quality reliability of the Eaton DM1, provided with ongoing support from Seagate Controls, industrial system managers are really positioning themselves for the future with the backbone of machine system automation.


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