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Five steps to run a Facebook contest in your business

Five steps to run a Facebook contest in your business

How many times have your Facebook friends posted a giveaway or contest? Many companies offer giveaways such as concert tickets, T-shirts, sports jerseys, or trips to Mexico. You’ll be left wondering, “How do Facebook contests work?”

Hosting a contest can be an excellent way to connect with your community and gain more Facebook followers. A Facebook contest is a perfect way for companies to get traction on one of the virtual social networks, and it’s also a popular channel with a broad range of demographics.

How can you get started? Good question. These are the steps to increase brand awareness and gain followers. Let’s get started.

Set goals

Although running a Facebook contest might seem easy, it is not always that simple. Before you decide whether to host a buy facebook likes uk contest, think about your goal.

Here are some examples of goals:

Brand awareness is key

Add Facebook interactions and likes

Collecting email addresses

Crowdsourcing ideas and publicity for a new product or service

Traffic to the site:

Whatever your goal, it is essential to take the time and set one. This will allow you to apply deeper focus to your contest ideas later.

Pick a prize

Although you might see extravagant prizes such as trips to Mexico or new cars, the award doesn’t have to be costly. You need to ensure it is relevant and valuable to the customer you’re trying to reach. You can offer a coupon for 50% off laundry service, free delivery for one year, or tickets to a basketball game. Think about the people entering your contest and what might entice them.

Choose the type of contest or campaign you would like to run.

There are two types of Facebook promotions that work well when you decide on a contest: These are:


Start with a giveaway if this is your first rodeo. This is a great way to get more engagement and user-generated content, depending on how your contest format is structured. You’ll first need to decide how you want your contest user to participate. Here are some entry ideas:

Commenting or liking the post about your promotion

Use a hashtag to tag your photo

Photo/caption contests

A photo or caption contest can be a great way to spice up your marketing and ideas for your next campaign. It will get you motivated responses as well as user-generated content. This type of content includes:

Comment on the promotion by posting a photo and a comment

Upload an image displaying the prize, location, company, or product in action

Get the most likes for a submitted picture

Randomly selecting a winner’s photograph

Write the best caption possible for the photo

Identify logistics and rules.

Facebook promotions can sometimes be complicated. Below is a breakdown of what Facebook users can and cannot do to enter your contest.

Ask users to:

Comment or like a post

As other comments

Add to the timeline of your page

Send a message to the page

It is not possible to ask users to:

You can share one or more of the posts you have.

Share the page with a friend on their timeline

In posts, tag people

Change the cover photo

Like your Facebook Page

To understand which types of contests Facebook allows (and which ones will be removed from the site), make sure you read through Facebook’s most recent promotion rules. Facebook may shut down your promotion for superficial reasons, such as how you phrase it.

Also, you will need to determine the logistics of your promotion. These details should be included in your social media post about the promotion.

Who can enter?

How to enter the promotion

Description of the prize

How will the winner be chosen?

What prizes will be awarded?

Here is a timeline listing key dates for:

  1. When entries will open and close.
  2. When the winner will be selected.
  3. And when prizes are awarded.

Create and publish!

Write your post and make it stand out. There are hundreds of contests posted daily to our feeds. Make sure you include an eye-catching phrase. Your call to action should be clear and direct. It should point users to the place and how they want them to go.

The contest does not end once you’ve posted it. Once your game is over, promote it on Facebook and notify all participants.

You have it. Now you’re ready to create an engaging, fun, and highly effective Facebook contest for the business.


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