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Home Tech Get Liquid Glass Protection from a cell phone repair store in Ocean City, MD

Get Liquid Glass Protection from a cell phone repair store in Ocean City, MD

Get Liquid Glass Protection from a cell phone repair store in Ocean City, MD

A new smartphone, be it iPhone or an android phone, is very precious. The new device is treated with the utmost care, just like a newborn baby. You won’t give it to your siblings or anyone else for the fear that it might accidentally fall. The new sleek designs of smartphones have come with a cost. It is expansive and breakable. No matter how much you want to protect your investment, a slight mistake or mishandling can cause screen breakage at the least. Luckily screen protectors exist. Screen protectors have become necessary over time to protect from scratches, breakage, and more.

So, if you are looking for a screen protector for your new smartphone while visiting a cell phone repair store in Ocean City, MD, then worry not. You must have come across many types of screen protectors, from plastic films to tempered glass. But have you come across the new phenomena of liquid glass screen protectors? Let’s have a look.

Liquid glass protectors are available at a cellphone repair store in Ocean City, MD

But what are glass protectors? What do they do? How are they different? These are a few questions that must be coming to your mind.

What is a liquid Glass?

Liquid glass is ultra-fine mineral silica rubbed onto your device’s screen. It is an invisible product, which, once dried, will change the molecular chemistry of the screen. The phone’s glass screen is cured and smoothed out to withstand the fall and impact.

The idea is based on the fact that the flat glass you see on your phone’s screen is a very uneven surface. Under a microscope, you can observe that the glass has numerous openings and holes. This porous structure is the reason why glass is so delicate. The normal protectors are too large to protect the fine contours of the glass; hence the liquid glass came into existence. The liquid glass using silicon dioxide smoothes over the imperfection of the glass, making it resilient and strong.

Liquid glass is available at various cell phone repair centers and is necessary for those who put effort into safeguarding their devices. This will also keep the look of your cell phone intact.

Liquid glass protector Vs. Tempered glass protector

Still not sure about using a liquid glass protector for your smartphone? Let’s compare both of them

Is it easy to apply?

Tempered glass protectors are easy to apply. They are hassle-free, whereas liquid glass protectors are a bit messy. It would be best to clean your screen with a microfiber cloth and empty the vial of liquid. Then wait for it to dry up. Rub off the excess with the cloth, and voila!!!! You are done.

Screen’s responsiveness altered? Think not

Super thin liquid glass is very responsive to your touch. Every touch, tap, and glide is super smooth. The microscopic gaps of the glass on the phone is also filled up, hence improving the quality of the glass.

Protects the curved edges of the phone

Tempered glass is prone to breakage, which is not the case with liquid glass. If the edges of the screen have sustained a crack, it won’t take long to break completely. Even the best-tempered glass will not be able to protect your phone screen. At the same time, the liquid glass protectors cover the phone screens right to the edges. Because of its formulae, it takes the shape of a glass screen, leaving fewer chances of damage.


We know that we are not always careful with our smartphones, so we use all these accessories to make them a tad bit durable. Still, if your cell phone screen gets damaged, visit Marquess It Solutions, a cell phone repair store in Ocean City, MD.

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