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Hair today, gone tomorrow? How to get a hair transplant in Dubai

Hair today, gone tomorrow? How to get a hair transplant in Dubai

Hair loss can be distressing, but there are measures you can take to make sure it doesn’t get worse. One effective method is getting a hair transplant in Dubai. These simple treatments can help slow down or even reverse balding, and they can do it without having to undergo painful surgical procedures! But how exactly do they work, and what do you need to know before getting one? Read on to find out everything you need to know about getting a hair transplant in Dubai.

What is the best technique to get a hair transplant?

To find the best technique for your hair transplant, be sure to consider the type of procedure you want and what is available at your surgeon’s practice. But one thing is for sure – there are many options available and this gives you many opportunities for customization. Your decision will depend on what you can afford as well as your hair density and goals. Hair transplants in dubai have been successfully restoring hair-line recession, fuller head of hair and alleviating male pattern baldness since its invention by Dr Lutfi Atallah over 30 years ago!

When should I consider getting a hair transplant?

If you’ve ever been annoyed by your thinning hairline or noticed that your roots are starting to show through before you were ready for it then you know how difficult it is. You can’t just say hair today, gone tomorrow and hope the problem goes away on its own. But if you want thick, lustrous locks with no worries of your scalp peeking through then there’s help out there. The Alborj Hair Clinic offers a variety of options for those who want to regain their full head of healthy-looking locks. If you’re considering getting a hair transplant in Dubai then this post is for you!

Is there a cost for a consultation at Clinics In Dubai For Hair Transplants

We are pleased to offer free consultations at our Alborj Hair Clinic. All you need to do is book an appointment with us and one of our surgeons will take a look at your scalp and give you their professional advice on whether surgery is the best option for you. We can also provide you with general information about the procedure so that you know what’s involved before making your decision. If we agree surgery is the best course of action for your needs then we will give you all the information necessary to prepare for your procedure – such as how long it will take, what type of anesthesia is used and how much it costs. Our surgeons have over 20 years experience between them so rest assured that when it comes down to it they are experts at what they do.

What should I bring with me to the clinic before my surgery date?

Before coming into the clinic for your surgery date, there are some things you will need to bring with you. While all of these items might not be necessary for every person, these are the most common things we see people forgetting.  A government issued ID or passport. A list of any medication you’re currently taking and when your last dose was taken.  Any medical history that you think could impact the procedure, such as heart disease or diabetes.  The type of anesthesia you would like (general anesthesia or conscious sedation).  If applicable: authorization from your employer giving permission to take time off work after the procedure. Proof of payment via cashier’s check or money order made out to Alborj Hair Clinic.

What happens during my first appointment at Clinics In Dubai For Hair Transplants

To ensure the success of your procedure, you need to visit Clinics In Dubai For Hair Transplants at least three times. Your first appointment will involve a consultation with one of our specialists and an assessment of your donor area. Once it has been determined that you are a good candidate for the surgery and that you have adequate donor hair follicles from which we can harvest the grafts, we will schedule your second appointment for harvesting. The third appointment is when we actually perform the surgery.

Should I be worried about pain after my surgery?

One of the most common questions about hair transplants is what it feels like. It’s important to be informed before you go through with the procedure and know what your expectations are. There will be some discomfort during and after the surgery. Your scalp may feel numb or tingly for a few days afterwards. You should also expect some swelling and bruising at your surgical site; this will eventually subside as your body heals itself.


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