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How to get quality links for SEO success

How to get quality links for SEO success

Getting backlinks can be an incredibly valuable addition to your SEO and SEO efforts. Ignore them at your peril.

Backlinks can be useful in many ways. First, most search engines, especially Google, want to see quality SEO backlinks , and the focus here is on word quality. Quality links prove to Google’s magical relevancy algorithm that your site is valuable or valuable in some way, but let’s say you’re looking for quality links based on the keyword you’ve optimized your site for. Do it.

For example, if your target keyword is, find quality links for that keyword.

Second, you can increase your website traffic with potential customers who find your backlink and visit your website. This will help increase the total number of visitors to your website.

So how do you get those all-important links? Firstly you need a well thought out and planned link strategy; here are some of my tips.

1. Folders

All directories are not created equal, some are more valuable than others, so don’t waste your money, time and effort on directories with a PageRank (PR) value below 1. Ideally, you will get a directory with a PR of 4+.

Add Google and DMOZ listings and pay for listings in the Yahoo directory if your budget allows. These are important directories and will definitely improve your website.

2. Press releases

If you are a business, try to write and distribute a press release that is important or interesting to customers, suppliers or other stakeholders in your industry. Possible news is the launch of a new product or service, a move due to expansion, the hiring of new employees or the establishment of a new department. These are all valuable PR opportunities, and don’t forget to link back to your website.

3. Destination folders

Try to write original quality articles and submit them to article directories. Article directories can be a great way to get quality backlinks to your website. Whenever you write and submit an article for publication, you can submit one or more links to your website. This is usually done through the author’s bio or resource box.

4. Post comments

Other blog articles take a lot of time or no time to comment, and this is an incredibly effective way to get quality links to your site, especially if the blog is a high PR site and related to your keyword or site.

Try to post useful and honest comments and don’t spam, go off topic or post irrelevant and wordless comments to keep your link. If you do this, your comments will likely not be published.

5. Areas of higher authority

Finally, there are some higher quality sites such as .educe and .go known as high authority sites. Get a link back from one of these sites and you’ll likely get a real boost to your site in terms of traffic and PR. Unfortunately, getting backlinks from these sites is notoriously difficult, but if you have a site worth linking to, it’s worth a try. For more information visit our website


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