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How to Optimize Your Remote Working Experience

How to Optimize Your Remote Working Experience

In the past few years, we have seen an increase in the number of people switching from their full-time office jobs to remote or freelance work. The reason simply is the plethora of benefits remote work offers. These include more flexibility in the work approach, better work-life balance, and an opportunity to pursue other interests. 

When the pandemic hit, remote work became less of a choice and more of a necessity. The popular freelancing website, Upwork saw a 22% gain in its contribution to the U.S. economy from the year 2019 raising the figure to a whopping $1.2 trillion.

Even with the pandemic restrictions eased, many companies are switching to a hybrid-working model if not going completely remote. It seems like working from home is going to be the new normal and we need to be prepared for it.

Here is how you can optimize your remote working experience.

Establish healthy routine

One of the biggest attractions of remote work or freelancing is the flexible routine and work hours. But this could also become a problem. If you do not establish a routine that helps you balance work and personal well-being effectively, you will end up being exhausted and overwhelmed after a point. 

So, set a time of the day where you will complete your assigned tasks and fulfill work obligations. This helps you stay on track and complete your work on time. 

Take breaks

Even at home, take timely breaks. Staring at the screen or being buried in documents for too long will exhaust you. It is important to leave your workspace to go for a walk and take your lunch when it’s time.  The change in environment can help you refocus when you come back and work better.  

Manage expectations and set boundaries

When nothing is separating your work life and personal life, it is easy for the two to blur into each other. This is never good. For your peace of mind, set boundaries at work and home so you can actively separate the two. However, what does this mean, setting boundaries? 

Eliminate any distractions present at home to focus on work. Explain to your parents and loved ones that even though, you are home you are not exactly free. You cannot be at their disposal at all times. Prioritize work and socialize later in your own time. 

At work, do not overcommit. Only commit to tasks that you can perform while taking care of your physical and mental well-being. 

Reach out and stay in touch

It’s easy to feel isolated when you are working from home due to your limited interaction with co-workers. This could take a toll on you mentally. It’s important to reach out to loved ones and friends when work gets too much. 

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Designate a workspace

Organization can help in a remote work setting, as no strict schedules or supervisors are restricting you otherwise. Designate a space in your home where you will work from. Invest in the right equipment including laptop, high-speed broadband, work desk, etc. 

Consider cyber security the utmost priority

When we’re working from the office, we are operating on a secure network, on company-provided laptops that are equipped with an adequate amount of protection like anti-virus software, VPN, and firewall. This is not the case when we work from home. Employees often overlook important security measures that need to be taken and end up putting important company information at risk. 

If you’re working remotely, make sure to work on a secure network and on a laptop or computer equipped with the proper antivirus software to fight cyber security threats. 

In a nutshell

Whether you are a full-time freelancer or transitioning from an office job into a hybrid work situation, there are a few ways you can increase productivity. Remote working comes with its challenges these include feeling isolated and potential burnout. 

You can counter these in a few simple ways. The aforementioned ways will help you make the most of this work model and increase your output. 


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