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How to play paytm first games to make money online?

How to play paytm first games to make money online?

Friends, in today’s post we are going to educate you about paytm first games se paise kaise kamaye game khelkar and for this we are going to give you complete information about how to download paytm first game application. You must know that there are many such apps coming from where you can earn cash sitting at home by playing online games, some famous apps are Paytm First, MPL, Vishal Cash, Dream11, RummyCircle etc. For those who are partial to playing games, this type of application can become a good mechanism for entertainment as well as for earning cash.To learn more about satta king gaming then click here.

So paytm first game application is also a famous gaming application from where you can fetch paytm money by playing games, and also take that cash to your financial balance. So let us further tell you what is paytm first game, and how to play paytm first game, and how to win cash and withdraw money from paytm first game.

What is Paytm First Games?

Paytm First is an e-sports game competition application where you can earn cash by playing online games, the games are live in which more than one person participates at the same time, and whoever gets the most points becomes the winner. Also you can play the game for free and by investing cash in it, you can win more cash by investing more cash.

How to download Paytm first game app.

we should discuss how to download it.

(1) First of all you click on the link given below, after that you will first reach the website of paytm, currently click on download application now.

(2) Now a popup will open from the bottom of the versatile screen in which it will be recorded as such.

(3) After this the game will start downloading, after 100% download click on open, then click on install at that time and click on open later.

How to login in Paytm first game

(1) First of all you enter the reference code here, enter this fgtzvc696 code of mine, by this you will get 50 rupees bonus cash which you can earn money by investing in the game.

Currently there will be 2 options below to sign in as the first one is Sign in with OTP, through this you can sign in by simply entering your versatile number and the OTP that came in the portable.

Also, there is an option to sign in with Paytm as an option, so if you have a Paytm account yet, you can sign in by clicking on it and entering your Paytm versatile number and password.

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how to earn money from paytm first game

Here you get several options to bring in cash like – play free and paid games, play quizzes, connect with your friends, and spin daily. First, you can mess with investing cash and bring in as much cash as you possibly can. If you will open Paytm First application, here on the landing page you will see live game competition of cricket and football that will start or end at what time and really want to see it all. Also, you really want to see how much is the prize money, and what is the first prize, and you really want to see the section fee, max teams, winners. . So it is divided according to the award rank.

(2) Free Popular Games

If you don’t want to invest cash, then, at that time, there are also free games available, there are about 35+ plus different games that you can win cash by playing, then, for this in the upper left side of the landing page of the application . Click on the three lines that will be there. After this the parlor will be created, click on it. Currently going down a bit the free popular game will be created, there will be a list of tons of games for which you need to tap more. So in this list you can see – apart from ludo game, there will be universe of worship, supra cup, high schooler patti, day to day solitaire, and many more games which have simple snap to play, after which the game will download And later you can play by following the rules of the games.


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