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How to protect your Packaging by using eco-friendly corrugated boxes

How to protect your Packaging by using eco-friendly corrugated boxes

Looking for sustainable packaging that does not sacrifice products’ safety? The following ways will show you how eco-friendly corrugated boxes protect your packaging.

Eco-friendly corrugated boxes are a very popular type of packaging. They are biodegradable, so they do not harm the environment. They are very economical as they are made up of recyclable material. These qualities make them the most nature-friendly choice among other types of packaging. They are quite strong and durable. They can be manufactured in various sizes according to the requirements of the product that is to be placed inside of them. They can be printed with any design. Most companies get them printed with their logo, slogans, and the name of the company. Their material is naturally temperature and moisture-resistant, so they are widely used in shipping products worldwide. Many brands get them laminated with glossy or matte laminations to give them a premium look that helps in improving their brand recognition. Sometimes they have a die-cut window to showcase the product packed inside.

Eco-friendly boxes are the first choice of most businesses across the globe to transport their products. They are not only friendly to the environment but are also an excellent choice for the protection of products during transportation. The following ways will show you how they are effective in the protection of your packaging.

Quality of material:

The eco boxes are manufactured with high-quality materials. They are made up of sturdy materials, so they are pretty strong. The quality of materials can be customized according to the requirement of the product. They can also be customized according to the environment of their transportation route. They are manufactured with eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging materials, so they are harmless to the environment. Their material is 100% recyclable, so they do not cause pollution as well.

Protection during transportation:

These green boxes are very strong, so they provide fair security to the product packed inside of them. Their heat and moisture resistance makes them the favourite choice for transporting goods around the globe. Their sturdy structure does not let the products get damaged during transportation. They keep the bacteria away as well, which makes them an efficient food packaging choice. Their size is customizable, so they can carry any type of product with ease. They act as a cushion for the items that are packed inside and do not allow the goods to move inside of them during shipping.

Easy handling

This green packaging is very easy to handle. It has a box-like shape that allows the shipping staff to place another box on the upper side of them. This way, the boxes take up very little space and carry more goods. Nothing is more painful than receiving a damaged product. Mostly the damage is done due to the mishandling of shipping staff. They are the best solution to this problem as well. Handles can be made on them using die-cut technology. That enables the staff to handle it properly. They can also be printed with instructions about handling. If the product inside of them is fragile, then it can also be printed on them so the loading or unloading staff can easily recognize the type of good and handle it appropriately.

Dual encasement:

This eco packaging gives the option of dual encasement for extra security. This encasement can be made by adding another cardboard insert inside the box. Many items are very delicate and can be damaged if they move inside and strike against the wall of the box. This type of packaging is made up of two layers. The primary layer is the outside box, and the second layer is the inside insert. The secondary layer is made in a way that holds the product firmly inside the primary layer, so the item does not shake or bounce inside. In this way, the item cannot rub against the walls of the box as well.

Custom design and shape:

This sustainable packaging can be customized into any desired shape, size, and design. The size and shape of the products to be placed inside vary immensely. This makes the demand for the customization of packaging very high. The boxes are made in many different shapes and sizes to fulfil the requirement of the items. Many people use them to pack and send gifts to their loved ones. When these eco-friendly gift boxes are laminated in glossy or mate sheets, then they not only protect the goods but also stylishly present the gifts.


Wondering how cost-effectiveness can protect the products? As these green boxes are nature-friendly and pretty economical, they allow the product manufacturers to get them made with high quality and add more inserts or layers of corrugated material for added protection. This way, their cost-effectiveness gives them more durability and strength.

The use of eco-friendly corrugated boxes is a blessing not only for businesses but also for Mother Nature due to their environment-friendly nature. They offer great security to the goods packed inside of them. The above-mentioned ways are some of the many ways to protect your packaging by using these boxes. 


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