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How to write a synthesis document ?

How to write a synthesis document ?
write a synthesis document

As a student or professional, you may have to write a synthesis document. This can be a synthesis note for the preparation of an entrance exam or a project management synthesis. In order to help you write your synthesis, we will define what a synthesis is, then we will see what content is necessary for a successful synthesis.

What is a synthesis ?

Whatever the purpose of your synthesis, one thing defines all synthesis : they should be neutral, objective, precise and concise. This writing exercise is used to synthesize a document which can sometimes exceed 20 pages, not to mention the accompanying documentation which can be between 3 and 5 pages. Note, however, that a document synthesis is not a summarizer of a document or article, it is intended to highlight its strengths and main ideas to structure and analyze them, in a coherent whole. This is the hardest part of a synthesis, because your readers should be able to find all the information they need to understand the original question without having to read the entire document. For files that are sometimes large, the most difficult step is to select the information, especially if you have time to write your synthesis. Many writers tend to go over every piece of information to summarize it, and that’s the first mistake they make. Start by organizing the basic information, keeping in mind the main purpose of the synthesis. This can consist of answering a specific question, taking stock of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, giving an overview of a project to stakeholders or providing enough data on a specific subject to make a decision. After classifying the information, set a common thread for the document. Try to understand the logic and consistency of the document to avoid misunderstandings. Scan documents for keywords and remove all unnecessary details and complex wording. At the end of this exercise, you should be able to focus your thinking on the central theme of each document and highlight the main idea so that you can define the question being asked.

What are the contents of a synthesis?

When it comes to writing your synthesis, it is necessary to establish a plan. In order to build an effective and relevant structure, each part of your synthesis must be linked by logical connectors that allow presentations to take place. Building the plan is the most delicate step, because the more coherent your detailed plan, the smoother, faster and easier your drafting will be. A synthesis generally involves three steps. The first step is the introduction. Your introduction should be brief. Its purpose is to present your synthesis as clearly as possible. Explain in a few sentences why the initial question was important and why it was interesting to answer it. Then announce your main line of development. Then there is development. Thus, the development will support the question and provide answers. Each argument is presented logically, from least important to most relevant, to interest and impress your audience. Your arguments should be based only on facts and accurate information. Your reasoning must be purely objective. Under no circumstances should your personal knowledge and explanations appear in your synthesis. Your development will be divided into different parts and we recommend that you choose your titles and subtitles carefully. The goal is to demonstrate to your audience that you can qualify the information in the paragraph. Finally, there is the conclusion. The conclusion must also be short in order to succinctly restore the elements mentioned in the development, of course, once again, without giving your opinion.


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