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Ideas for your summer bucket list

Ideas for your summer bucket list

You get just one life, and so, it’s on you to live it to the fullest. While your definition of what construes as living life will inadvertently vary, it is important that we support a fun yet healthy way of living.

Unlike Will Smith, you don’t need to swim with the sharks to live your life, excuse me, we are not talking about how to end it, but of course, adventure and thrill are always going to constitute a good bucket list.

Summer just means that kids are out of school. The dreary winters are away. And you can travel and do things under the bright sky!

Ideas for your summer bucket list


You have been to all the parks and walked around the block. This time, start hiking. Surround yourself with beautiful nature. Don’t get daunted by the difficult terrains but take them as a challenge. However, if you are suffering from mobility issues, best that you consult your Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore prior to taking up hiking.


Camping admittedly is difficult, but that is why it is part of a bucket list. If camping is something that you can mentally prepare yourself for, then don’t hesitate to undertake this adventure.

Go connect with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Sleep under the stars, cook over the campfire, lull the loud noise of the daily existence and touch base with yourself!

Go to a game

Another fun thing to do this summer is to go to a game, any game. May it be football, baseball, or basketball, take your pick of the game and enjoy yourself. A great way to make the more out of it would be by investing yourself in the game; do the chants, shout when your team is doing bad, rejoice when they are doing well.

Road trip

Nothing speaks adventure like a good old road trip. Pack your essentials, get your car sorted, and then drive to the nearest, or ever farthest place that you like.

However, don’t try for the usual and safe spots; that defeats the purpose of a bucket list. Pick some place new, some place that you have yet to discover!

Take a ride at the park

The amusement park might not have been your thing, which is why it should be on your bucket list. So, this summer, go to the park and pick a ride that you normally would not. Enjoy it and tick it off your list!

Try new foods

Some of us can become very closed off about the sort of foods we try. We limit ourselves to selective few dishes and hesitate from eating anything other than these dishes.

So, one target this summer for you is to eat something new, something you would normally would never have tried. Order perhaps a new cuisine or try a different cooking technique. Bottom line, make sure it is nowhere even close to what you’d normally eat.

Water play

Summers and water are a great combination. So, add water play to your bucket list. Perhaps go to a water park and take water slides that you normally would never or plan a pool party.

Run a marathon

A great way to challenge yourself is by running a marathon. Since you don’t have to do it regularly, it is perfect for a bucket list, and especially when it is for a good cause.

Running marathon is not just about showing up to the track on the day of, but it involves careful training beforehand. This bucket list challenge will help you test at the limits of your body, and respect it for meeting the challenges.

However, if you do run into muscle or bone injuries or problems, best that you immediately visit the Orthopedic doctor in Karachi and train as per their professional opinion then. 


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