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Home Game IPL 3 T20 Cricket Fever – Are You Ready?

IPL 3 T20 Cricket Fever – Are You Ready?

IPL 3 T20 Cricket Fever – Are You Ready?

If you are an avid fan of modern cricket and have enjoyed the glitz and excitement that comes with the Indian Premier League, then you have reason to rejoice. The much awaited IPL 2010 is back to ravage the country.

97 players have registered for the IPL 2010 auction. There were as many as 26 players from Pakistan, 17 from Sri Lanka, 12 from South Africa, 9 from New Zealand, 9 from Australia, 8 from the Caribbean, 8 from England, 2 from Bangladesh, 2 from Zimbabwe, 2 from Canada, 1 from Ireland and 1 from the Netherlands. If franchises show interest in them, the players will participate in the January 19th auction. Last year, in 2009, 50/100 registered was sold at auction. Many individuals and companies have shown growing interest in owning IPL teams, such as Actors

Bidders can choose from 8-10 cities that can be their home team

and can bid in multiple cities. The top two bids will be selected, and the companies will use that city’s name as their home location and team branding.

The final schedule of the IPL 2010, which will not be played in the international arena, has been announced. The first battle was between defending champions Deccan Charger and Kolkata Knight Riders. IPL 2010 will start on 12th March and the last match will be played on 25th April 2010. In addition to the existing 8 home grounds for each team, many new venues have been added – . No new matches are currently being added, but new players as well as former ICL players are available for the IPL 3 auction.

Initially, the craze started with leading industrialists participating in the auction and successfully winning a bid for an Indian Premier League franchise. The highest amount in the auction went to the Mumbai team. The team successfully bid a whopping $111.9 million or Rs. 503.5 core from Reliance Industries. The second highest was the Bangalore team which successfully.

This huge amount of money has never been seen in the history of cricket

. The announced prize money is three times the prize money of the Cricket World Cup. This is the main reason why cricketers from all over the world try to enter the Indian. 스포츠토토 사이트 was able to smash everything in its own way and make history in the world of cricket.

In India, cricket is considered more of a religion than a sport. And there was the god of cricket. So another season full of suspense, excitement, stylish and fun. The pre-IPL frenzy says it all. This will be another success story. So gear up and prepare for IPL 2010. You really don’t want to miss it, do you?


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