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Levers to deploy to better hire

<strong>Levers to deploy to better hire</strong>

Employers are desperately looking for skills

When asked about the causes of their recruitment difficulties, employers very often mention.

The lack of candidates trained in the trades in demand (68% of employees working in a company having recruitment difficulties), mainly in the sectors of manufacturing transport equipment, capital goods and construction;

Salary requirements that are too high (41%), particularly in the energy, water and waste management sector;

The requirements in terms of working conditions, again unsuitable (37%), particularly in transport-storage, finance and insurance, or even the food industry.

So many difficulties attributable therefore to the side of the demand for work, itself very often at the heart of employment policies aimed at: improving the qualification of candidates (via changes in training policies and the education system), better supporting their job search, or increase their purchasing power.

However, the recruitment practices of companies also weigh in the balance, beyond the working conditions and the salary levels offered. It is also the increase in their resources devoted to hiring, and the adaptation of their requirements in terms of qualifications, which can be decisive in removing a large part of their difficulties in attracting new talent.

Recruitment efforts: what levers to activate in the face of the shortage of candidates?

We can distinguish 5 main categories of recruitment efforts:

1. Salary efforts: in February 2022, many companies facing hiring difficulties declared that they had increased the salaries offered to candidates (they represented 48% of employees working in a company with a shortage of staff, i.e. + 21 points since June 2021 ) (1) . A development that also has a catch-up effect, following 2 years of global salary freeze during the pandemic.

2. The improvement of material (24%) or contractual (33%) working conditions, ie relating to working time, holidays, and the type of contract offered.

If these two levers are essential, several American studies listed by the recent publication Dares mentioned above (2) conclude that they are all the more effective when they are accompanied by other types of efforts:

3. The relaxation of selection criteria: according to some of these studies, it is not the requirements in terms of academic skills or even soft skills that significantly increase recruitment difficulties. Criteria for so-called “unique” skills (i.e. very specific compared to those commonly expected by companies in the same sector) would be more in question, as well as so-called “non-academic” skills (such as professional experience, motivation, maturity, etc.) (3). these are qualities which, for many, can only be acquired on the job, and which can be effectively co-constructed by employers and new employees through internal training and promotion.

4. Increasing candidate selection efforts: beyond the simple CV and traditional individual interview, the deployment of more in-depth selection methods is also a lever to facilitate recruitment. Tests, professional situations, role plays, serious games, allow you not to be limited by standardized profiles and to evaluate more diversified applications.

5. Increasing the sourcing effort : precise analysis of the position to be filled, improvement of the attractiveness of advertisements , distribution on channels in line with the targeted target, proven pre-selection methods are all essential elements in the efficiency and speed of recruitment.

From the drafting and distribution of your job offer, through the pre-selection of candidates, their evaluation, their integration, their training. payranked helps you at each decisive stage of your recruitment, whatever the size of your company and your activity area. To find out more, go to your engineer salary Singapore.

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