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Physical Therapy After a Back Injury

Physical Therapy After a Back Injury

Back injuries are painful, and can leave you struggling for months without the right treatment. Whether you are hurt in an auto accident, or are suffering from an injury lifting a heavy object, it’s time to see how physical therapy for your back in Toledo can help. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we are ready to provide you with the physical therapy Lambertville MI residents choose when they are injured and trying to recover.

Physical Therapy Fairborn Residents Trust

If you are a resident of Fairborn, Lambertville, or Bowling Green, and you need physical therapy, learn more about what PT Link Physical Therapy has to offer. We work hard with every patient, and we develop a personalized treatment plan to help you recover from your injuries. When you have pain, stiffness, or poor range of motion because of a back injury, we are here to help. We have built up our reputation over time, and we know that residents turn to us because of our commitment to quality care.

What to Expect From Physical Therapy in Bowling Green

When you first meet with a physical therapist, you will discuss what is going on with your symptoms. You will be carefully evaluated, and have the opportunity to talk about your treatment goals. Once the evaluation is complete, a treatment plan is developed to address your specific goals and needs. You will begin therapy, and may receive a number of treatment modalities throughout each session. Physical therapy should not hurt, and it is important to let your physical therapist know if an exercise or treatment is painful.

Physical Therapy Treatments Used

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we may use strengthening and stretching exercises, hot or cold therapy, ultrasound, and decompression techniques to help ease your symptoms. Physical therapy helps you recover from back pain, poor range of motion and stiffness over time. You will attend appointments several times a week in the early stages of your recovery. It is important to make it to your sessions, as physical therapy is progressive. As you heal, more exercises and stretches will be added to your routine at home. Be an active participant in your physical therapy, and you are going to have an easier time in your recovery process.

Your at Home Exercise Program

Your physical therapist will prescribe a home exercise program, and it’s important to keep up with your exercises. The goal is slowly strengthening your body over time, and your exercise program is designed to do this. If you ignore your exercises, you are only stalling your own progress. If you have questions about any of the exercises prescribed to you, it is important to ask your physical therapist questions. If an exercise hurts while you are doing it, stop the exercise and let your therapist know. Physical Therapy back Toledo ,physical therapy Bowling Green


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