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School Management App
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Artemis, a new way for schools to manage their students and automate the process, helps in saving teachers from overseeing often-complex management duties.

Several years ago when my kids were in school I loved using their school management apps. I was a big proponent of using technology to keep tabs on their day-to-day school experience.

Shully is a school management app that aims to help small private schools raise more money, reach more students, and improve student performance. Our vision has led us to become one of the fastest growing ed-tech companies in Europe. In Columbus, Ohio. And we’re looking for our next Columbus Oriole.

School management app for educators combines the tools needed for both administrators and for teachers to improve organizational effectiveness and student achievement.

As a parent, one of my biggest pain points was the difficulty of finding a good school for my child. As I researched on my own, I found that a number of schools had apps that could provide me with important information and put the control in my hands.

New app trying to make the job of school management easier. Improve your practice. Get the best out of your school staff.


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