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Storm shelters and the best places to be during a tornado

Storm shelters and the best places to be during a tornado

Tornado season usually falls in the spring, but anyone who lives on Tornado Road can attest to the fact that tornadoes can strike at any time of the year. They do not distinguish between the coldest months of the year. We all know that when a very hot day is followed by cold weather, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes can occur.

For the safety of you and your family, you should make a plan to designate a safe area in your home in the event of a tornado. There are a few things you need to know before heading to the location. Also, just in case, there are a few things that will help you stay in place.

One of the safest places to get hit by a tornado is the Storm Cellar.

You can buy a ready-made rain canopy and install it yourself, or have it installed by a professional. You can even build your own blast shelters. If you choose to do so, it is important to research the right materials that you can use to make your nest effective. A Storm Shelter can be built in a house or on land next to your house. They also come in different sizes, so you need to think about the size and needs of your family. If you are camping, it is very important to have a wind shelter or know where to find a public shelter in your area.

Some areas of your home are safer than others if you don’t have wind protection.

A basement without windows or a basement next to a fortified shelter is better. If you have a window in your basement, if you have time, cover it with plastic and put it away from you.

If your house does not have a basement, you will need to go to the back room on the ground floor of your house. A better pantry or bathroom. You can also go to the inner corridor of the building on the ground floor. Stay away from windows, exterior walls and doors. Stay in an auditorium-sized room, in the middle of a grocery store or in a wide hallway. The smaller the rooms and corridors, the better. If there is heavy furniture in the room, cover the bottom.

Protect your head and body with pillows, blankets and mattresses. If you have small children or pets, make sure they are covered as well. Carry a flashlight and cell phone, preferably in your pocket. That way if you get stuck, you can call someone for help and you can use your flashlight to find them. It’s also a good idea to keep a battery-powered radio or TV in a safe place to keep up with events.

Don’t try to run away from a tornado.

Do not try to take pictures while standing on a window or balcony. If a tornado warning is issued, immediately go to blast shelters or move to a safe place. By following these tips and others online, you can maximize your chances of staying safe during a tornado.

If you want to upgrade your blast shelters, consider purchasing a modular building. Modular buildings can be placed underground and provide safe and secure storage facilities.

The right choice of building

To build a building properly, several things should be considered.

• How many people are in the mobile shelters? This will help determine the amount of space required for the building.

• How much space do you have? Determine how much land you need to house your modular building. Consider any type of drainage and all the communications you need to do.

• How much are you willing to pay? Prices for modular buildings may vary. It depends on the size, the company and whether you build it yourself.

• Do you need utilities and running water? Some prefer plumbing and electricity. You have to choose what you like and what works for you.

• What does your city/state allow? Each city and state has its own rules. You have to call and find what you need. If you have an HOA, you may need to contact your HOA to find out if they have any rules.


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