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The 7 Best Toys for 8 year old girl Who Love to Build, Create and Explore

The 7 Best Toys for 8 year old girl Who Love to Build, Create and Explore

If you have an 8 year old girl in your life, there are hundreds of toys out there that will make great gifts—the only problem is finding the best ones! That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the top Toys for 8 year old girl, which will help you find presents your daughter will love. From science kits that teach kids about physics and chemistry to building blocks, games with different levels of difficulty, and many more—you’re sure to find the perfect gift on our list!

1) LEGO sets

There’s nothing more fun than building something with your own two hands—and when it comes to toys for girls who love to build, create, and explore, LEGO sets are a fantastic place to start. There are thousands of different kits that you can choose from when buying LEGO sets. Your child can work on their critical-thinking skills as they master how each piece fits together. She’ll also build math skills as she figures out how many bricks will be needed in order to complete a project. What’s more, is that if she gets bored with her original project you can always find another one!

2) Building Blocks Set

Building blocks are great toys that will help kids learn how to problem solve. They also create a sense of wonder about how things work by encouraging imagination with regard to what can be built. By using building blocks, kids will begin gaining an understanding of different shapes, sizes and forms as they build their own structures. Ultimately, building blocks are great toys for 8 year old girls because they encourage creativity while teaching important skills that can later be applied in math. These toys are appropriate even if your child is younger than eight years old because they allow you to set boundaries that ensure a safe play environment free from choking hazards and sharp corners or edges.

3) Game Sets

Toys come in all different levels of difficulty. Game sets are great for kids who love a challenge but find individual games too easy. While many game sets have an age recommendation, it’s best to start your search with your child’s level of experience. If she’s not quite ready for a full board game or video game yet, start with simple puzzle games that build problem-solving skills and dexterity. Another important thing to consider is whether or not your kid likes social interaction as opposed to being able to play independently; some toys like card games are better suited to one person while others like word games may require several players. Once you know what type of toy you want, be sure to check out Theshopswell

4) Jewelry Making Kit

If you are looking for Toys for 8 year old girl that likes to build things from scratch then a jewelry making kit is just what you need. An advanced jewelry making kit will be more complex than one geared toward younger girls who may only want a necklace. In fact, some girls are ready for jewelry-making kits when they turn ten or eleven years old. Other kits come with designs that can be copied and embellished by children for stunning results. No matter how old your girl is it is important that she has fun while learning how to make her own beautiful jewelry items. If she doesn’t see that as fun there’s no way she’ll want to take up a hobby in it later on in life.

5) Chemistry or Science Kits

Science kits can be a great way to help kids learn how things work. While they may not be that into playing with building blocks or dollhouses just yet, it’s never too early for your little one to start exploring science. These kits are geared toward girls who want toys for 8 year old girls; however, some can also be enjoyed by older kids or adults. In fact, you may even end up learning something as well! The number one thing to look out for when shopping for science toys is whether you’re buying them for an 8 year old girl or an adult who loves STEM. Because of that distinction and differences in design, these kits can vary greatly in price and content.

7) Body and Nail Shimmer Studio

When she wants to play out a fashionista role-playing scenario (or at least paint her nails like one), give her a colorful pack of nail polish for 8 year old girls. She can create her own custom shade with a bottle of dye and an empty nail polish bottle—it’s kind of like making your own perfume! Once you’ve painted her nails, add some sparkle with glitter body shimmer cream. This glittery lotion will add color that sparkles under the light when applied to your skin! Plus, it smells like strawberry shortcake! If she doesn’t feel like getting dolled up, just add some confetti hair spray for the kids.


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