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The Secrets to a Successful Marriage

The Secrets to a Successful Marriage
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The secrets to a successful marriage are not always easy to find, but it’s well worth the effort to do so if you want to make sure your relationship lasts forever. Here are ten secrets that experts agree are important to creating and maintaining a strong marriage.

Know Your Partner

As we all know, not every couple has perfect chemistry from day one. If you’ve found yourself marrying someone who isn’t your soul mate, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed for failure—it just means you both need to learn about each other and grow together. It takes time and effort but it can happen. And one of the most important parts of that is knowing your partner on an intimate level. In fact, givers (i.e., people who give back in their relationships) are less likely than takers (people who don’t give anything in return) to have poor-quality marriages later on down the road.

Stay in Touch Physically

People don’t talk about how great marriage is. Everyone talks about how hard it is, but no one talks about how great it can be when you do it right. When you commit to being with someone for better or for worse and make an effort to share your life with them on an intimate level, things get easier. Communicate, forgive and laugh are big keys in keeping marriages strong. Take some time every day (even if only five minutes) to talk openly with your partner and listen attentively so that you know what’s going on in their heads—and they know what’s going on in yours! This can help prevent misunderstandings and provide opportunity for problem solving.

Talk about the Important Stuff

Communication is vital in any relationship. But, when it comes to marriage, talking about finances can be uncomfortable. Not only that, but it’s also something many couples don’t do enough of. Research shows that talking about money leads to improved communication and increased happiness—so make sure you’re having these talks on a regular basis. Have your partner meet you at where you can set up joint accounts and start budgeting together. This will allow you both access to each other’s money so there won’t be any secrets or surprises when it comes time for bills! And don’t forget: Better communication leads to a better marriage!

Keep it Simple

While married couples might get bogged down in endless debates about what it means to be happy together, they often neglect their obligation to simply make each other feel good. Sure, celebrating an anniversary by flying off on vacation can be nice, but there’s no sense of obligation and spontaneity when you plan these types of activities far in advance. To build something that will last with your partner over time, focus on doing simple things—and if you can do them at gurulex then all the better.

Trust Each Other

You might not be an expert on marriage, but you know your relationship better than anyone else. Trust each other, and don’t let outside opinions come between you. Remember why you fell in love, and focus on building a healthy partnership that makes you both happy. This is really what successful relationships are all about: if it doesn’t make both partners happy, then something is wrong. The little things matter too—remembering anniversaries and birthdays; going out of your way for special occasions; sending flowers (or doing something equivalent for less money); making time for intimacy; just saying I love you regularly. When in doubt, remember that it’s always better to give than receive!


While building your relationship on unconditional love and trust is great, it’s also important to have some fun. The idea of a date night isn’t just meant for newlyweds or people in new relationships; you should schedule time throughout your marriage to spend doing things you enjoy together. And while romance is important, so are activities that allow you get be silly and laugh together. After all, laughter truly is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Take some time each day—especially in moments when life seems hectic—to do something that makes you smile. A little good humor goes a long way when it comes to making sure your relationship continues growing for years to come.


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