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Top 5 Business Consulting Companies in Canada

Top 5 Business Consulting Companies in Canada

In order to be considered one of the best business consulting companies in Canada, it’s important to understand the different offerings they offer. For example, you can learn more about Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, norstrat, and Nous Group. These companies all have a different approach to business consulting, but they all focus on delivering practical and implementation-ready solutions.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey is a leading management consulting company with offices around the world. The company employs more than 30,000 people and recruits from many of the nation’s top universities. Its success is attributed to its unique culture and alumni pool, which has produced the most Fortune 500 CEOs.

The firm offers a comprehensive range of services, ranging from data-driven analytics to digital culture development to using IT for better customer experiences. It has experience in every industry, and has a proven track record in Canada. Clients can expect a high level of service, and many companies have rated McKinsey & Company as one of the best business consulting firms in Canada.

McKinsey & Company has offices throughout Canada and the United States. This global consulting firm is known for its focus on delivering lasting results for clients. Its consulting services range from helping healthcare organizations navigate a complex transition to an electronic patient record system to solving sales and marketing challenges. Its consultants help organizations implement their solutions and ensure that the new policies are sustainable.

Despite its reputation for ethically questionable activities, McKinsey has a long history of helping companies make profits. Its employees have a high level of responsibility, and they must generate work in order to pay their salaries. As a result, executives at McKinsey must be selective about which clients they work with.

CGI is a multinational organization that performs extensive outsourcing of IT services. Its headquarters is in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. CGI’s services include system integration, business consultancy and application services. CGI has 74000 employees and annual revenue of C$10.7 billion.


Norstrat is one of the top five business consulting firms in Canada, with offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. The company began with four employees, but has since grown to hundreds of people. The company focuses on public health, infrastructure, and defense projects funded by the Canadian federal government.

Norstrat is a Canadian firm founded in 1988 that provides consulting services for multiple industries. It provides services that help businesses grow, including social media monitoring and digital marketing. The company has worked with some of the country’s most successful brands. The company provides its clients with constant guidance and effective communication.

Norstrat offers a range of services to help businesses grow and resolve government and public problems. Its team of experts has experience in several industries and understands how to deal with different situations. The company works in Canada and the United States and helps a wide range of clients.

Norstrat has a program in place to ensure that all of their employees are working within the company’s standards. This includes educating employees on daily tasks and issues related to business. The company also offers customized financial and physical security training. In addition, the firm offers free audits of your business’s security.

NORSTRAT also delivers research to support the Canadian Coast Guard’s Oceans Protection Plan project. It also delivers an engineering study to the Canadian Coast Guard for the procurement of a next-generation Vessel Traffic Management System. The firm also speaks at conferences and workshops on Northern infrastructure development and Canada-Arctic policy.

The Burnie Group is another top-tier Canadian consulting firm. Its experienced team of consultants combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to improve an organization’s operations. Based in Toronto, The Burnie Group focuses on a wide range of sectors and offers a holistic approach to consulting clients.

Bain & Company

If you’re interested in hiring a consultant, you’ll want to check out Bain & Company. This global firm was founded in 1963 and has more than 14,000 employees. Its primary focus is helping clients with strategy and mergers and acquisitions. It also provides guidance to public, private, and non-profit organizations of all sizes.

The firm has offices in several countries, including Toronto. Its Toronto office is the largest of its four locations and is one of the most diverse. Bain has also made a commitment to invest over $1 billion in pro bono services over the next decade. This includes helping clients tackle urgent challenges in fields such as education, racial equity, social justice, economic development, and the environment.

The ranking is based on a survey of working consultants. Each firm is rated on a scale of 1-10. Big 4 firms are much larger and have more offices than MBB firms. On average, Big 4 firms have 200,000-300,000 employees. The other two firms are much smaller, with only one of each having more than a hundred offices.

The firm is also one of the most employee-focused of the Big 3 strategy players. It invests heavily in training and development. It aims to develop future leaders from within. Employees can expect top-of-the-market compensation and access to a glittering client list.

Nous Group

The Nous Group has a vision of empowerment, enabling employees to be involved in the company’s success. This high-performing culture is fostered through employee input and a robust advisory council. Employees vote for representatives on the council, which brings a diverse set of ideas to the table. The best ideas are then integrated into the company’s regular improvement cycle.

Nous Group is an international management consultancy with offices in Canada, Australia, and the UK. The firm works with leaders to help create world-class companies, effective governments, and empowered communities. Nous Group has been named one of the best workplaces in Canada, the UK, and Australia in several surveys.


Synechron is one of the top business consulting firms in Canada, and is expanding rapidly. They have over 13,700 employees across 38 offices worldwide. Their global reach means they can help clients in almost every country in the world. They help companies improve their productivity and reduce costs by developing business models and strategies.

Employees at Synechron enjoy a positive work-life balance. They feel free to take days off when they need to, and enjoy the ability to develop strong relationships with their colleagues. They also consider Synechron a safe and friendly place to work.

The Burnie Group has an exceptional track record for helping their clients achieve successful results. They provide their clients with a combination of industry expertise, hands-on guidance, and world-class technology. Their approach is both strategic and practical, and they help companies achieve superior ROI.

Accenture is a large, multinational business consulting firm that has offices in Canada. They are one of the top 5 consulting firms in Canada. They offer a wide range of services and have over 500,000 employees. They serve clients in multiple industries and have offices in over fifty countries. The firm has been ranked on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list for 18 years in a row.


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