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Types of Water Filter System in Dubai

Types of Water Filter System in Dubai

There are several types of water filter systems in Dubai. These include activated carbon, reverse osmosis, Alkaline water, and UV light. The type of water filter you choose will depend on your requirements. Some systems are more effective than others, and can save you money in the long run.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon water filter systems are a popular way to clean water in the UAE. These filters contain carbon particles that adsorb and react with contaminants in water to make it pure. Activated carbon filters are available in two basic types: lignite-based carbon and granulated carbon. Both types are suitable for different applications.

Activated carbon filters can remove chlorine, organic and inorganic chemicals from water. It also removes unwanted odour, taste and color. They are made from coconut shells, wood or coal. Activated carbon filter systems are highly effective at removing chlorine. They also have an automatic control system that regulates the back-washing process. They can be installed on tanks up to 63 inches in diameter.

Activated carbon can be obtained from a variety of sources, including coconut shells, wood and olive pits. This product is extremely effective at removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals from water. Granular carbon is also recyclable and can be used over again.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filter systems are effective at removing contaminants and heavy metals from water. They filter water using a semipermeable membrane that blocks harmful pollutants while allowing water molecules to pass through. This process also removes nitrates from water, which are harmful to health. These contaminants can cause birth defects in children, impair growth, and affect the thyroid. Reverse osmosis water filters also use less power and energy than conventional systems. They are an eco-friendly solution for drinking purified water without paying for bottled water.

Reverse osmosis water filter systems have the advantage of extending the life of a filter system by reducing the need to replace the membrane. You can buy units that can be installed under your sink, and you won’t have to pay extra for a separate faucet.

Alkaline water

Using an Alkaline water filter system is a good way to combat the growing problem of plastic pollution. The problem of plastic bottles in landfills is a global problem, and 80% of them never get recycled. It can take thousands of years for a plastic bottle to degrade. In the UAE alone, 768.1 million units were consumed in 2015. Considering these numbers, using an Alkaline water filter system is the greener option.

An alkaline water filter system uses platinum and titanium plates to ionize the water. It does this by passing an electrical current over the conductive plates. This process helps create smaller molecules, which improve the pH level of the water. Moreover, it helps hydrate the body and fights disease. It also improves the taste of food and is a good natural detoxifier.

UV light

Having a UV light water filter system installed in your home is a great way to ensure the safety of your water. The process of UV disinfection is highly effective and can reduce the amount of bacteria and rust in your water. It is a very affordable way to disinfect your water. Read more on WaterDrop.

Unlike chlorine treatment, UV water filtering systems are completely natural and do not require chemicals. Instead, they block harmful free radicals that can cause harm to the body. They are also safer to use than chlorine, which requires a retention tank and precise injections. Many wastewater treatment facilities use this water purification process.

Bottled water

While tap water in the UAE is generally considered safe, drinking it from the tap is still risky. It is processed through desalination, and then travels through miles of pipelines. This process cleans water to a certain extent, but it still can be contaminated by various contaminants. In addition, the pipelines can become corroded and dirty.

Moreover, the chemicals and heat used to produce bottled water make it less than safe for consumption. Therefore, a home water filter system is a better option. Not only does it keep the water cleaner, but also has the advantage of reducing waste. In addition, bottled water can be more expensive than a water filter system for your home.


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