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What are the benefits of composite fencing?

What are the benefits of composite fencing?

The composite fence

A composite material corresponds to the marriage of two or more components. Mainly offered in the form of slat panels carried by aluminum posts, the composite fence is generally intended to be solid (the slats are glued to each other) or with decorative aluminum slats for the most qualitative, or in sheet metal.

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The composite fence takes its name from the main material that composes it. As its name suggests, it is a composite, a material created from scratch.

Composite fences are made from a mixture of plastic and wood and are generally recyclable, making them a very environmentally friendly option. The composition of the wood gives it a beautiful authentic look, while the plastic makes the fence more durable unlike an all wood fence and also retains incredible resistance to the elements.

The advantages of composite wood fencing

There are many advantages:

1. The design: aesthetic and modern, you are choosing a quality product that will enhance your outdoor decor.

2. Durability: This material is designed to last for several decades, despite bad weather (storms, thunderstorms, etc.) and environmental risks (pollution, humidity, etc.). It is a reliable product over the long term, what is more, does not go out of style!

3. Resistance: made up of resistant blades that form a solid panel, your fence will resist UV rays and the wind, while securing you and protecting you from the prying eyes of the neighbours. Unlike wood, your composite fence will have the advantage of being rot-proof, it will resist xylophagous insects (which feed on wood), as well as fungi and salt attacks.

4. Simplicity: your composite fence will require no maintenance, only annual cleaning, unlike wood once again. It therefore represents a real time saver for you while enhancing your garden.

Composite wood is a material of the most appreciable by its many qualities: aesthetic, sober, requiring very little maintenance. And what’s more: installed in no time!

Indeed, the blades of this fence are not likely to split and splinters are a thing of the past. In addition, composite wood is impervious to water and moisture. This fence is therefore not at risk of rotting or deforming.

Varied style and choice

After quick and easy installation, the second great advantage of composite fences is that they are customizable. Eh yes! Since they are made up of different parts to be assembled, it is quite possible to choose blades worked in different ways.

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At Unifloorwpcwe have chosen to offer you fences in compact wood effect filling. Warm and authentic, our full fences in compact imitation wood retain the natural character of your exteriors. Easy to maintain and resistant to time and bad weather, they can also be personalized in the colors you prefer, for completely made -to-measure fences.

A blackout compact infill palisade consists of panels of compact slats, stacked without spacing. It therefore constitutes an effective protection of the garden, vis-à-vis prying eyes, but also from the wind and the sun. The perfect solution to attenuate a vis-à-vis with elegance and discretion!

Solid compact fences adopt an aesthetic close to wood, and take advantage of its warm and natural appearance. Very resistant, they do not rot, get dirty little and require very little maintenance. Our compact imitation wood fences blend perfectly into your garden for a truly tailor-made landscaping project.


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