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Why Are Flat Chested Dolls So Popular?

Why Are Flat Chested Dolls So Popular?

Everyone has their own preference for the perfect love dolls. While some may get the impression that dolls with big breasts and big ass are big and popular, some prefer flat chested dolls.

Flat chest doesn’t mean it’s a handicap

Most women find flat chests to be a disappointment, and sometimes them feel awkward and inadequate. Sometimes they are considered insufficient. They even usually think that this is not enough to sexually arouse a man, or that they are not big enough to have enough milk to breastfeed their children. The fact remains that breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk produced and whether it can cause sexual arousal in men, and this depends on the look of the man.

Reasons for wanting a flat chested doll

It’s quite normal for women who are flat chested sex doll to be slimmer, and it’s proven to also inspire men and give them a reason to offer protection. Although it sounds strange, the fact remains that most men need a woman to ensure her protection.

Flat chested dolls still meet the needs of users.

It is almost impossible to get rid of pedophilia by taking it from a certain point of view. Alternatively, it’s more reasonable to get a flat-chested love doll than to commit sexual harassment. This caused a lot of questions from the media, but still does not stop there. Flat-chested love dolls from bulk sales compared to drugs and guns. These dolls allow the owner to be happy and avoid violence.


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